Sometimes, I still cannot quite believe that my hobby has turned into a business.

I never take an order for granted and will probably close my business if that ever happens. It is so important to feel appreciated as a customer – and as a seller, it takes very little time but can mean a world of difference.

I thank my customers in every bit of correspondence that we exchange, check and double-check my products to ensure quality, pack every order with care and attention to detail, and always send a nice handwritten thank you card to extend my gratitude for their support.

I realize that as an artist, I am nothing without my supporters.

Your customers are your number one fan! Treat them with care and they’ll notice the difference between you and other brands.

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About Us

When you visit the store we start by working up sketches of your ideas. You don't have to make detailed pictures or be an artist to draw your idea. Many of our customers just describe what they want and we do the rest.