Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service! It feels good when your input is not only heard, but appreciated.

Most of my life, I’ve been the customer. It was only recently, when I started selling my jewelry online, that I began to consider the other side of the buyer-seller relationship.

I began to consider what good customer service consists of and how I might provide the best possible customer care so that one sale might turn into repeat sales!

I sat down and made a list of what I look for in a seller, whether they are a mass chain store or an individual jewelry artist. These are the tenets that I hold dear as a jewelry artist because I know just how important good service can be. Imagine that you are the customer.

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About Us

When you visit the store we start by working up sketches of your ideas. You don't have to make detailed pictures or be an artist to draw your idea. Many of our customers just describe what they want and we do the rest.