In an ideal world, nothing will ever go wrong with a transaction. The customer will love your work and tell you so, refer all of their friends to you, and your business will be a hit.

But in reality, there will be snags that really test your commitment to good quality service.

I had my own episode recently, when a customer had changed her mind and decided that it wasn’t what she had expected. Although I had made every effort to take accurate photos, it wasn’t what she had hoped it would be.

Of course, it saddened me greatly, but then I realized that it wasn’t personal. It’s a matter of business, and every business encounters these moments at one point or another.

I also realized that it was a test of my commitment to these ideals. I followed through on the transaction by referencing my sales policy that did include returns and thanked her for her honesty.

I refunded her the amount as soon as I received the product, then I sent her a little note with a percent off code to thank her for her trouble.

Good customer service never ends, no matter what.

At the end of the day, we are both sellers and buyers.

In the vast marketplace of jewelry arts, we can expect that good customer service is what distinguishes us from the next seller.

For me, the best part is in knowing that it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Think about your own experiences as a buyer. In what ways do you feel valued?

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