Jewelry Sets

Many of our customers started with one piece of jewelry, but then wanted us to continue to design a whole jewelry set for them. They really wanted that “put together” look. We can do that for all types of jewelry, from the earrings to the ankle bracelet to the necklace..



Even items out of the “normal” realm can be designed by Bay Design Custom Jewelers. We have a computer design software that aids us in the process of making the jewelry, but it is our years of experience that really makes us shine..



We can make custom pendants for your special someone!  From the shape of state to a favorite sport or animal.  Come on in and let us help you design exactly what you are looking for..


Because we design our jewelry for the customer, we can do just about anything imaginable for earrings. We can certainly take a current piece of jewelry and make it into a design that you always wanted or we fashion a piece into something similar that you already have..


These very special cufflinks were made for a wedding gift for the father of the bride. A friend of the couple that was going to celebrate their son getting married planned ahead of time to provide the cufflinks. His wife had passed a few years ago, and she thought that the special cufflinks would really be a sentimental gift for him.

She knew that they would be kept as an heirloom in the family for generations to come..

Neo Vintage Collections

We do occasionally create a whole line of jewelry, with each piece being custom made. Here is an example of one of our pieces that we created for a new line of jewelry that will be coming out soon..

Wedding Sets & Anniversaries

You and your spouse are one of a kind. Why where rings that are duplicates of thousands of others. We can make a beautiful wedding set for you and your spouse to match each other’s personality. We can also take heirloom pieces of jewelry that may mean a lot to your families and modify them to your specifications.

Diamond Anniversary rings are very popular, but why use just diamonds. Anniversaries come in all different colors and types so why not take the time to have us design the right ring for your beautiful bride for years to come..


Not everyone wants a new looking design. Some people still like that antique look to their jewelry. We can provide an older look to your jewelry if you prefer


Rings are worn by so many people today. Why wear the same ring everyone else has? We can custom design any ring style imaginable.