Gold Buying

Bay Design Custom Jewelers buys your old gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. We also buy the gems set in them. Bring in your silver table service and silver ware. We can also sort through your jewelry to tell you what is real or costume for no charge.

We can’t quote you price until we see your jewelry. Bring it in let us take a look. Unlike other stores we pay cash on the spot not a check.

Don’t ask for an APPRASIAL just tell us you want to sell some jewelry and we will quote you a price. It will save a lot of time and confusion.

No you won’t get retail price for your jewelry because we are buying it for scrap. We break up the jewelry for refining and reuse the stones if they are undamaged or not worn. The price you hear on the news is for pure gold called bullion. The 10k, 14k and 18k gold that your jewelry is made of indicates how pure that alloy is. That means an ounce of 14k gold is only 58.5% pure gold. That is why an ounce 14k is not the same price as an ounce of bullion.

What the marks on your jewelry mean

Gold markings for solid gold:

10k, 14k, 18k, 22k America and most countries

417, 585, 750 European markings

100% 80% Middle eastern markings

If you see something like 14kP it means 14 karat gold plum NOT gold plated

.9999 is for bullion only, like gold or silver

Silver marks:

Sterling, Sterling Silver, or 925 If the jewelry is gold color but stamped 925 is still just sterling silver

Costume jewelry

If you see a mark like 18kHGE in a ring this means 18 karat heavy gold electro plate. The same for 14kGE or whatever karat is indicated

1/20 14ktGF. This means that this gold filed or gold overlay. It is better than gold plated but it is not solid gold.

On pocket watches you may see 25 year guarantee 14k. This stands for gold overlay and is not solid gold.